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Black Sea Uzungol

Salinity rate is around 1.8%. The Black Sea, which was a fresh water lake until the 6th millennium BC, turned into a salty sea after this date. American sea geologists William Ryan and Walter Pitman claimed that this event was the source of the legend of the Noah's Flood, after the Ice Age, the waters of the Mediterranean collapsed suddenly to the Black Sea, which was 150 meters lower, and flooded the Bosphorus embankment [3]. It has. Although the studies by ocean scientist Robert Ballard in Sinop offshore [4] have confirmed this thesis, various scientists have suggested alternative opinions. The Black Sea is a constant source of water vapor and heat, its water does not freeze much. The length of the Black Sea coasts is around 1600 km. Since the mountains lie parallel to the shore, they are not over indented.

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