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Gobal has set its heart to make you feel its valued customers with each of its employees, with a service understanding that always sets new goals in the global volatility, makes customers feel the highest level of efficiency, success and reliability, and is aware of its responsibility and carries it at the highest level; It aims to continue its strategies and plans step by step in an understanding that is on the way to become a shining star of the tourism sector, developing and acting in this direction.


In the tourism sector, it is an environment where you, our valued customers, can feel safer, to serve you at the highest level to ensure that you end your holidays, trips and tours with more happiness, and to be the shining star (☆) in every branch of the industry.

Who We Are ?

After we left work in the Sailing&Ships sector in 2013, our journey started with tourism, with transportation services to airports and tourist tours provided for several years until the end of 2019.

We decided to pursue our goal through follow-up and progress in the tourism sector and the opening of a tourism agency, and take a step that was our goal before, and the establishment of our company on September 26, 2019 and moving forward towards our goal, and we work as a tourist agency and provide airport transportation services professionally alike. So we developed all the tools of expertise and gathered the best team with tourism experience and we continued to develop our institution despite all the circumstances that passed in 2020.

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